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Emily Carney

box of ‘really good’ tampons weathering a storm

imagined myself walking through forever 21 in metal overalls and felt pain
I am within touching distance of ‘complete and devastating abandonment’

remember last fall, when we parked the car and walked around queens,
our bodies moving back towards biological difference and hieroglyphics,
fostering a ‘shared and complete darkness’

I am thinking of all the times we took ourselves somewhere else

I don’t ever feel as hyper-elevated as I feel
during moments of this succinct loneliness, which understands now how to be tangible
as if to have taken a very deliberate precision in my ruining of something solid
the destruction of which I will continue nurturing, from here on out if you’ll let me

cactus, errand, cabbage patch doll, floss

I want to sell my body at barnes & noble and then taste my cunt lingering on dark oak

when people leak other people’s nudes I imagine JC pinned up on the cross
do you like these tits unprecedented and would you fight me for them
would you play a danny elfman score as provoked by my lungs

how much of my body depends on its psychology
and in this case, how much of what you’ve done towards me
contributes to the warmth of my tongue

I guess I am a kind of person who would rather be inanimate, fine art
I guess I am just organic, alive

large, bleak, plastic

does this selfie make you decide something new about me
does it make you wanna tell somebody how I’m ‘great’

I don’t know how to dissect ‘missing you, but not really’
years later, I keep your tequila pretty close to the bed

I can still choose to put something of yours in my body, if I want to—
keeping that potential choice in a state of ‘at surface/disposable’—
and it’s not satisfying, but it’s something I feel

I think I miss you only in gaudy context

I think of you every time I watch that very long lana del rey video
the one with all the tits, and the drugs, and the love

Emily Carney lives in Connecticut. She has been published in Poetry Magazine, Rookie Mag, Hobart, The Quietus and Electric Cereal. Her debut poetry collection, Old & Young Porn, will be released by Electric Cereal in 2016.

Marla Celeste is a visual artist currently based in China. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spook Magazine, and Catalyst Magazine. @marlacelesticle / marlaceleste.com

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