Emma Marie Jones

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libra odd spots™
Emma Marie Jones

i read on a sanitary pad once that humans, kilo for
kilo, produce more heat than the
sun. maybe we (perhaps without realising it)
orbit each other thru the house, laying our
bodies at the mercy of proximity, at the
mercy of the possibility of
touch. i remember one time we were talking
about something probably rly dumb and
u laughed and turned your head with this
reckless boldness so unlike you and your eyes
carried something so much heavier than
a gaze and u were blushing and the intimacy
of witnessing the bursting of ur
capillaries was darling and magnetic, yeah
i felt me bending toward u like a
high schooler, my skin all hot and prickly like
u know that if 52 kilos of the sun fell
down onto this couch i’d be hotter than it. 🔥
my name is in ur google history.
my name is in ur google history! i only
know this because i peer over ur
shoulder when u type things on
your laptop as it rests
upon your knee.

Emma Marie Jones is a Melbourne-based poet, writer and editor. Her short fiction, poems and essays have appeared in SPOOKSeizureThe Lifted BrowMeanjin, and SCUM Mag, and in 2015 she was shortlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers. She has a website, and tweets and grams at @emmacones.

Artwork provided by Loni Jeffs.