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Susie Anderson

dorito bed

isn’t it romantic how “this is all there is”
you know how temporality can either motivate or freeze you
i’m feeling kinda sexy and impermanent

romantic aggression is amongst my regular behavioural patterns
so i have asked men to run away with me
with a genuine hope for success

i keep meeting people who ignore my zest for life
i have this great ability to make a silent phone conversation seem meaningful
all you need to do is call people just to listen to them breathe
make your tears last for an hour, so on & so forth

i’m embarking on a lifelong journey on how to use this energy for good & not evil
feels like we are all on lifelong journey to use sex &/or love to delay all other fears

but you can make anything seem meaningful for eg
sometimes i fall i asleep next to nail polish, a nail file & doritos

it’s just space that makes things profound
and sadness that makes things beautiful

ever heard of a thing called ‘yolo’?
well look
drake has a lot to answer for
including my familiarity with the empty eyes of a man rejecting me

i know it is tiring to read about a woman in relation to a man
& it’s hard to listen to music because most music is about love
& the most popular soundcloud hashtag may as well be “you”
but most often we exist in relation to other people

sometimes find myself looking up tarot readers in my local area
i just want someone to see me

but at $60 for 30 mins it’s $2 for every minute
& honestly is that kind of insight in my budget
what i’m seeking is the black & gold of the psychic industry

actually in my bed there’s no doritos i just thought that was funnier than ‘nothing’
& at least nothing lasts forever ❤

tbh i ate all the doritos
they’re gone

fully bipedal

you must seize every opportunity to look at the sky
remember that sunset happens every day

during my flight i saw forked lightning hit the ocean
and i will probably never see that again in my life

also felt like masturbating on the plane
and still on the train from the airport too

now just sitting quietly wondering
why are all our sexual organs on the front

Susie is a writer and multimedia artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her writing has been published in The Lifted Brow, Voiceworks, Shabby Doll House, New Wave Vomit, as well as other print and online publications. She has also performed widely at literary events and festivals in Australia and abroad. She has self published a chapbook of poems which is now available. You can find her at, @susie_and and

Frances Cannon currently lives and works in Melbourne Australia. She has graduated her Bachelor of Fine Arts and is now embarking on her Honours year. Her work focusses largely on the female body drawing from everyday occurrences that affect women, whether bodily moments such as sex, masturbation, menstruation, or childbirth to more overarching human themes like joy and grief. You can find her at, and @frances_cannon.