Caroline Rayner

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Party Heart
Caroline Rayner

text from my friend-
birth control
makes her
want to die
& i measure
my thigh gap–
five almonds
in a shot glass–
at the art lecture
we both bleed
& can’t skip school
but what about brunch–
egg bagels with tomato
& low fat
cream cheese–
i gloss over
a weekend
elderberry jam
& seltzer–
farmer’s market
taken twice–
how i unspool
the crux–
queen size
the south
in full bloom–
friday night
in the dark room–
i put on
strange mercy
& quietly love it
but on the screened porch
i grow
hands under
& inside–
lean into it–
dried up
creek bed
& peach halves
into it–
grey cat in the bathroom
beside the sink
& i ask her
is control like
an illusion
or like cosmetic–
no big cloud
no ritual
& i split my lip
in the mirror
trying to strain
the milk–

Caroline Rayner is a poet from Virginia currently living in Western Massachusetts. She is assistant poetry editor for Cosmonauts Avenue as well as an editor for Slope Editions. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in H_NGM_N, Witch Craft Magazine, Shabby Doll House, Voicemail Poems, and Big Lucks.

Carabella Sands is a Baltimore born artist and writer.