Erin Taylor

Tori gets her alien babies out of the sea







It is March Now
Erin Taylor

we are making love in technicolour
on a tiny screen in a tiny roof &
everyone is peeping tom from the building
across the crowded peopled street
we are on display
on display we are legitimate,
we are known.
mouths are wide & catching birds
who are too distracted by my sounds to realise
they are flying into cratered faces.
the peeping toms create homes for the birds
in their stomachs
& try to convince the blue-black birds
that they are not caged & are free

to leave any time but in the creation of their
stomach homes they did not include an
exit sign.
we are growing tired of this
technicolour position &
i stick my big toe through the glass screen.
it does not shatter but oozes &
out we go onto the floor in our nakedness,
physical solid.
the birds are all singing up the throats
of their captors
of our bodies entangled in colour.
the peeping toms’ mouths are forced open,
you become aware that my body
is only beautiful in a tiny screen
where you can’t see the marks
you leave
on my back & thighs.
you run into the crowded peopled streets
naked & vulnerable,
cars honking at you.
i peep down at your street
that i cannot claim
i am alone in grey & my body shakes
with longing for your body.
the birds all sob for the skies & possibly for me
birds cry about lots of things
we are making love in technicolour
& the peeping toms were empty once.

Erin Taylor is a Tulsan poet currently based out of Hangzhou, China. Her poetry has been featured in Reality Beach, Word’s Dance, Moloko House, Be About It, and more. She has a chapbook OOOO due out in April 2016 from Bottlecap Press. She is also a contributing writer at Eris Magazine. She is made of feelings & you can read more of her writing at

Tommy Camerno is an artist living in Berlin and London. He has recently exhibited in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Zurich and is currently working on films and paintings as well as being involved in several curatorial projects. To view more of his work go to or vimeo.