Sarah Goldfarb









Sarah Goldfarb

I found myself
in los angeles
for halloween

a girl-ghost twisting in
the shade of palms
in the afternoon

don’t tell me
I didn’t look holy
that day:
arms straight above
my head
and consumption
in my eyes

I don’t invite coldness;
it just latches onto me.

but in the end
I make a shitty ghost:
conscious of solidity,
weak appetite for

not to mention
a torn sheet.

I’m not crazy about
the world being
magnified through
my floating body
but maybe it would
come out
soft focus
through my bones

like the shitty porn
I watched on my last
night as a 22 year old:

just women fucking
women on my
drifting rib cage until
the sun comes in.

Sarah Goldfarb is a 23 year old writer living in New York City. By day  Sarah is a non-profit fundraising assistant but by night a poet/writer/wine overdrinker. Sarah recently had a poem published on

Photograph provided by Loni Jeffs.