Ashley Opheim

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Ashely Opheim

With a tiny
turquoise stone
tucked in my bra,
I am vibrating at
the frequency of ice.

She wears a slouchy
‘grunge revival’ sweater.
One of her black leggings is
tucked into her combat boots.
The other rides up
to expose
unshaven legs.

I play with the tassels of my kimono
not feeling colourful
with legs outstretched
along the hard wood.

This laboratory of labia.
This awful colour of jealousy.

I hate her.

I watch her and
imagine her in
between my thighs.

Hard and soft as a snowflake.
She makes me think about
the quantum physics of erections.

The erratic earthquakes of pleasure.

She is putting an old lover of mine
inside of her.

I press my tongue to the roof of my mouth
and keep it there.

The night has no form
which I find erotic in that
I feel a part of its indifference.

I am simultaneously form
following function and function
following form.

She makes me want to put her body
inside of mine.

Ashley Opheim is a Montreal-based writer, editor and publisher. She is the founder and managing editor of Metatron. Her work has been published in LESTE, Cosmonauts Avenue, Shabby Doll House, Electric Cereal, HTMLGIANT and elsewhere. She tweets @hologramrainbow.

Corrie Wilson is a Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist working with anything she finds interesting, often found objects and material. Her work deals with the ideas of self-worth, empathy, witchcraft and escapism. You can find more of her work at