Calypso Spendlove









the sacrificial leaves of the mangrove tree
Calypso Spendlove

yellowing whispers
curt quiet
enough for me to hear
the rending of you
and I

is the key to
wounded pride and
the expanded space
between your heart
and mine.

you made me double
down too soon
pain for a friend
pain for a life
washed out
on the evening tide

why did you (fade us to yellow)
know the
only way for a mangrove-tree to
grow is to
deposit all the salt hate
bile bitterness pending breakdown into
certain leaves – sacrificial
leaves –
fade to yellow
fall let go
drifting downstream on
the back of the saline tide slowly
floating out
to sea.

Calypso Spendlove is a Melbourne poet influenced by contemporary Australian poetry. Her work has been published in Rabbit Journal.

Photograph provided by Loni Jeffs.