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Two Poems
Francesca Kritikos

Lana Turner

i want to dye my hair
like hers
check her horoscope
on the radio
every morning
leave gifts at
the altar of her bed
isn’t it womanly
to beg?

i always dream of
fresh oysters
just out of my reach
cold brine dripping
through my fingers
she’d taste
like olives & prosecco
the moon
over a field of violets

Under the Pleasure Dome

having sex with all my therapists
on a checkered picnic blanket

as they rummage through my guts
like carnival funnel cake

licking sugar & milk from my chest
their hands hot with menstrual ketchup

men as i’ve always known them
are the only men i remember how to love

split a coke with me
split me open like a coconut

i get what i’ve always wanted
i get to be the meal

based on the artwork of Phyllis Bramson,
particularly her 2016 exhibition at the
Chicago Cultural Center

Francesca Kritikos was born in Chicago. Her poetry has appeared on Metatron’s blog ÖMËGÄ and in issues of the Museum of Americana, Witch Craft Mag, Fur-Lined Ghettos, and more. She was also a finalist for the Nostrovia! Press 2016 Chapbook Contest. Her website is

Photograph provided by Loni Jeffs.