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chapter 1

the hole: inside of a
dead bird’s mouth
becomes home to
next winter’s sarcasm
i stayed behind my mother’s back
a long time because
i am afraid to suffer
i am afraid of colors beginning to look alike
hair and hair and hair and hair becoming
light and hair becoming sun and
sun becoming hair and me
becoming you and light
becoming stars
my dead goldfish appearing
and re-appearing on my dinner table.

chapter 3

the hole: pit of my palm
arches to shelter last night’s call
when the cat cried
and drank all of my tea.

Yoshi is a 20-year old dog who predicts that you will never find what you want in someone else´s pocket. You can find more of her on yoshimosho.tumblr.com/

Fanny Mac is an Australian freelance filmmaker and writer currently based in France. Her work is fixated by the fragility of logic.