Eloise Grills

Vincent and the Four Seasons
Eloise Grills

Root me here by the poplars leaning
the white walls turn me on
the turning of the leaves
the turning on of the iPhone
crops the plane down to the bone

I love you how Theo loved his brother
enough to lend you money
but to ask that you please stop
buying so many woodblock prints
I’m kidding; like any good
financier I can only pretend to
know the true value of things

Bend me over like one of your huddled
potato farmers all your strokes
with the same intensity
Your colours tremble like a room
full of vibrators playing the same note

You are never lonely so long as part
of you is with someone else
Now take my ear so that I can’t
hear your leaves rustling
then the silence
as your
winter sets in

Eloise Grills is a writer, comics artist and editor living in Melbourne. She edits memoir for Scum Mag, and tweets and gram from @grillzoid.