Kiara Lindsay

about a conversation I had somewhere near an ex-volcano
Kiara Lindsay

I’ve filled myself up! left nothing for you
I moved in ten hours then in five years
forgot myself then
remembered someone else and no one
ever believes where I came from

I get it until I forget they’re not with me
inside pink dark privacy

the world doesn’t really exist for me so I’ll never comprehend when it does for you

I’m real within the scope of your experience but it’s just a pinhole
you’re speaking the size of a rolling pin

give me a break! I’m really here! I don’t know how to explain a life in a glance or an energy but they tell me I do it all the time
like a recurring dream please
watch it on the TV before
you interact with me

at this end of this poem I feel less confounded and more impressed
with the ability of language to provide the illusion of comprehension

it is so ill-equipped to do exactly that

a poet isn’t real
I guess that’s how
I explain myself when they ask

please put me in the cloud above us
bring me down when you need to remember my life as an example in some anecdote you’re telling at the party I’m not invited to

Kiara Lindsay is a poet and aspiring screenwriter living in Thornbury. She has completed her Honours in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne and is co-editor and founder of Inhabit Journal. Her work has previously appeared in Visible Ink.