Tamara Natt

Love Letter to Live Broadcast
Tamara Natt

And thank god for the weathergirls,
The unsung heroines
Of primetime philosophy
Who can put teeth-splitting heartbreak
Down to a cold front
Sweeping the south-east
Whose nowhere smiles
Show up every night at six
Just remind us
That no matter how much we are
and curdling over the ungentle heat of being
Somewhere, today,
Had the confidence
To be sunny and 26.

Fresh off the back of her debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 with her beat poetry play, ‘ALPHA’, Tamara is emerging as an exciting new voice in Australian performance poetry and storytelling. Tamara is an outspoken queer rights activist and has a very special relationship with Margaret Court, following an open letter she wrote in 2017 which was published by several national news outlets, to her absolute delight.