Sheena Colquhoun

Sheena Colquhoun

You can say sorcery in how many ways?
Are there many ways to say
Dinner parties are better than mosh pits
But don’t hold a candle to shopping centres?

All water is a carbon copy
That same origin story.
A run-on effect is new shaped bottles Not rude to the earth
but kind to our skin.
Different ways to make us feel magic.

I ’m a half-full kinda lady and
How many phantom limbs can you have?
I ’m a half-empty kinda figure and

I know my body is real estate.
That same origin story.
I met with the landlord who announced
To the monied crowd:
My intestines are a renovator’s dream
and my guts are fit for a family.

Ten different words for
Audio wave lengths and none of them
Include pillow talk or key changes
Or the feeling of turning an
exhaust fan off.

Sheena Colquhoun is an artist, poet and musician currently living in Narrrm/Melbourne. She has been published in UK journal Tender, and was a member of the Express Media Toolkits program. Sheena is the host of Meaningless Legs, a poetry show on Skylab radio, and is the co-editor of Vinegar Journal.