Lucia Moon

Friday on my mind

Lucia Moon

Gonna have fun in the city
told my job provider
I got a job & the office
rose up in applause

It’s always the ones at the bottom
so supportive
I felt shitty
took the escalator past Market City

A homeless man knelt
on the paper begging
while reading the blow-by-blow
Dutton-Turnbull disaster


School kids draped in
daffodil yellow on Daffodil day
Cancer rode the tram

Took a coffee in a disposable cup
a plastic spoon, turtle
ate duck
thought about meat in the shape

of vegan meat, what is meat, is it
flesh or form
like this poem, oh Scott Morrison
walked in

where the bloody hell

did he spring from
Sovereign Borders, I ran
& limped my way through yoga

at 30 young babes in lycra
shouting OM

it means peace

she declared, at the end.

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Lucia Moon is a Sydney-based poet, journalist and photographer. Her work is playful and analytical. A pop of soda at the end of a long day. The reader is left fizzing at this taste of the unexpected.