Daniel Ward

Two Poems Daniel Ward – when nothing is distant leaves at your mother’s house is dancing or a school of … More


Two Poems 靚女 – C(H)ARNEL let’s shoot horses to the scene where some one’s slow dancing to bossa nova. at … More

Jonno Revanche

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Bridget Gilmartin

one in the eye before breakfast Bridget Gilmartin – golden hour at Altona Beach seagulls screaming at each other huge … More

Jake Starr

Dad’s New Dress Jake Starr – Clothes on a washing line. The slacks hang off your thick hips. Ending just … More

Kiara Lindsay

about a conversation I had somewhere near an ex-volcano Kiara Lindsay – I’ve filled myself up! left nothing for you … More

Meghann Boltz

When You Have Not in Fact Been Raptured to Heaven but Have Instead Been Found Hiding in the Back of … More

Katie Hansord

Changeable Katie Hansord – Moss on the possibility, calamine the blush. Not so aloof, death sits aloft, the poverty meniscus, … More

Eloise Grills

Vincent and the Four Seasons Eloise Grills – Root me here by the poplars leaning the white walls turn me … More

Klara Feenstra

The Silent Baby Word Klara Feenstra – I have been there in the body, it’s the baddest. that desire is … More